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114,00 EUR*
Details Straightforward Von Cook, Jamie Kunstdruck auf Leinwand - groß (183 x 61 cms )

Über 5000 Kunstdrucke in Qualität von Museen verfügbar in verschiedenen Größen, sowohl auf Papier und anderen Medien. All Kunstwerke sind vom Herausgeber lizensiert und mit aktuellsten Epson Kunstdruckern gedruckt.

92,57 EUR*
Details The Essentials of Wine with Food Pairing Techniques: A Straightforward Approach to Understanding Wine and Providing a Framework for Making Intelligent

The Essentials of Wine Designed for a variety of audiences, this book combines a framework for understanding wine and making intelligent food pairing decisions. By emphasizing the basics of wine and the basics of food pairing techniques, it offers ...

12,23 EUR*
Details Vs.

Straightforward, practical approach to this widely-used web programming language. Screengrabs throughout.

49,99 EUR*
Details Hypnotherapy Scripts: A Neo-Ericksonian Approach to Persuasive Healing

Hypnotherapy Scripts A straightforward, practical guide for doing Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Full description

18,28 EUR*
Details Special Dreamer

The band is characterized by a unique and powerful voice print, easily recognizable among thousands, with compact, straightforward riffs all enhanced by ethereal textures of moog and a powerful rhythm section. Rock, hard rock, stoner, post grunge ...

15,50 EUR*
Details Change Directions

Change Directions Philips' newest offering in the personal development and self-help field is, above all else, a very practical book on the process of changing direction. Its straightforward language and methodical, step-by-step approach makes the ...

40,79 EUR*
Details Social Science Research

This clear, straightforward textbook embraces the practical reality of actually doing fieldwork. It tackles the common problems faced by new researchers head on, offering sensible advice and instructive case studies from the author's own experience ...

17,99 EUR*
Details Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo (Vintage International)

Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo "The most straightforward account of a Chicano's journey in search of a dream..." - The Los Angeles Times Full description

31,69 EUR*
Details Dreamsville [Vinyl LP]

STACEY KENT - Dreamsville Audiophile 180 Gramm Wiederauflage von Pure Pleasure Aufnahme Pressung   Vocalist Stacey Kent may or may not be »the greatest ballad singer in half a century«, as her PR claims, but her straightforward renditions of ...

65,94 EUR*
Details Fender 023-4507-000 Yngwie Malmsteen Overdrive

Straightforward nennt man das wohl. Mit nur einem Level- und einem Gain-Regler reproduziert der Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Overdrive den Sound des legendären neoklassischen Shred-Masters.Effekt-Typ: OverdriveBauart: AnalogMono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono ...

37,93 EUR*
Details Employment Law

Set in the context of experience in the workplace as well as within the wider social and political framework, Employment Law provides a succinct account of employment law and industrial relations law. The work is written in a straightforward and ...

18,00 EUR*
Details Day of Glory: Life of Baha'u'llah

Day of Glory Written in a crisp, easily readable style, "Day of Glory" is a straightforward account of the life and times of Baha'u'llah. (World Religions) Full description

41,59 EUR*
Details Modern Britain: An Introduction

Modern Britain Fully updated new edition of a very successful, straightforward introduction to important features of British life. Topics include government, social services, family, education and the media. Ideal background reading for EFL students ...

259,10 EUR*
Details Life-Span Human Development

Known for its clear, straightforward writing style, comprehensive coverage, strong and current research-based approach, and excellent visuals and tables, this life-span development text offers a topical organization at the chapter level and a ...

145,95 EUR*
Details Handbook of Radiation Effects.

This revised second edition of a popular handbook for engineers describes the important relationship between high-energy radiation environments, electronic device physics and materials. It is a straightforward account of the problems which arise when ...

43,63 EUR*
Details Oil 101

Oil 101 OIL 101 is a straightforward guide to oil and an essential read for anyone coming to grips with where oil prices, the economy and society are headed.In OIL 101, Downey provides the facts one needs to understand oil, from its history and ...

42,75 EUR*
Details Essential Renderman, Second Edition

Essential Renderman This book provides a straightforward, easy-to-follow introduction to the basic techniques involved with using Renderman. Packed with illustrations and hands-on examples, it will serve as an excellent foundation, a good first step ...

13,40 EUR*
Details Sales Management (Executive MBA)

This is the handy paperback edition of McGraw-Hill's One-Volume, "MBA-Level Course on Sales Management". The hardcover edition of McGraw-Hill's "Sales Management" is renowned for its straightforward treatment of the entire process of recruiting ...

37,69 EUR*
Details Risk Management in Projects

Project managers in construction and civil engineering need to base their decisions on realistic information about risk and public perceptions of risk. This second edition of the original practical and straightforward text retains the easy-to-read ...

6,65 EUR*
Details Deep Harbor (Northern Lights)

Deep Harbor The Northern Lights SeriesBook Two ""Lisa Tawn Bergren has a straightforward, evocative style of writing that makes her characters breathe. They walk right across the page and straight into your heart."" -Francine Rivers, author of ...

122,42 EUR*
Details Textual Analysis: A Beginner's Guide

Textual Analysis Providing a straightforward introduction to textual analysis, starting from the most basic philosophical foundations that underlie the practice Alan McKee works through the core issues step by step, drawing on examples from ...

14,99 EUR*
Details Human Rights Law (Nutcases)

* Summarises the basic facts and key principles of the important cases in human rights law, in clear, straightforward language. * Organised by topic areas to illustrate the key principles of the law * Draws together major themes with additional ...

15,29 EUR*
Details Nutcases: Constitutional & Administrative Law

The Constitutional and Administrative Law Nutcase presents the facts and key principles of the most important cases in clear, straightforward language. Cases are organised by topic areas illustrating key principles of the law. Facts and decisions are ...

26,10 EUR*
Details How to Study Foreign Languages

How to Study Foreign Languages A practical reference for university and senior secondary school students. Theories are explained in straightforward language, including factors that affect the learning of languages, such as motivation, memory and a ...

13,99 EUR*
Details The Bible Answer Book for Students

The Bible Answer Book for Students Once again the Bible Answer Man brings his straightforward style to address 82 crucial and challenging questions asked by students ranging from high school through college. Full description

30,98 EUR*
Details Discrete Mathematics (Modular Mathematics Series)

As an introduction to discrete mathematics, this text provides a straightforward overview of the range of mathematical techniques available to students. Assuming very little prior knowledge, and with the minimum of technical complication, it gives an ...